«Computer & Communications Engineering»

The Faculty of Computer Science and Technologies and Faculty of Telecommunications, Technical University in Sofia invites you to appear in the scientific periodical journal

«Computer & Communications Engineering»

The journal publishes articles on computer and communication sciences. It is published in English.

The frequency of the issue - 1 (one) issue every six months.

The journal is intended for students, undergraduates, advanced and postdoctoral students, young professionals, lecturers, and academic researchers from different countries.



Honorary Editor-in-Chief

Ognian Nakov (Bulgaria)

Dimitar Dimitrov (Bulgaria)


Milena Lazarova, PhD - Computer Engineering track

Veska Georgieva, PhD (Bulgaria)- Communications Engineering track

Editorial and Scientific Board:

Adelina Aleksieva-Petrova (Bulgaria)

Antoniya Tasheva (Bulgaria)

Boyan Bonchev (Bulgaria)

Boyanka Nikolova (Bulgaria)

Hristo Hristov (Bulgaria)

Ivo Draganov (Bulgaria)

Kamen Filyov (Bulgaria)

Lidiya Yordanova (Bulgaria)

Marin Hristov (Bulgaria)

Milen Petrov (Bulgaria)

Nina Sinyagina (Bulgaria)

Petar Antonov (Bulgaria)

Rumen Arnaudov (Bulgaria)

Stoyan Bonev (Bulgaria)

Veska Gancheva (Bulgaria)

Vladimir Pulkov (Bulgaria)

Zlatka Valkova-Jarvis (Bulgaria)

Anna Friesel (Denmark)

Baki Koyuncu (Turkey)

Barna Iantovics (Romania)

Betim Cico (Albania)

Georg Paul (Germany)

Hubert Roth (Germany)

Miglena Dontschewa (Austria)

Nuno Escudeiro (Portugal)

Sofoklis Christoforidis (Greece)

Tunga Gungor (Turkey)

Vassilios Chatzis (Greece)

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