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Management and Manipulation of Knowledge in Automated Learning Systems

Ventzislav Nikolov, Stephan Filipov, Ivan Gospodinov

Abstract: The subject of this paper is the use of production systems for presentation and manipulation of knowledge with constant and variable structure in automated educational systems. A TOMt approach for construction of production rules is proposed. The non-excess and non-contradiction of the mles are studied. An algorithm for construction of correctly built system of production of knowledge of variable structure of the type <condition -> recommendation> is created. Relation tables are used as structures reflecting the facts of the subject learning domain, whereas a dynamic tree structure /graph/ is built for describing the semantics of the subject domain. The mechanism that governs the learning process is based on the production systems.

Keywords: relational databases, dynamic trees, production rules, production systems, software engineering, knowledge engineering

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Aspect Orientation: The Path to Highly Modular Software Design

Daniela Gotseva, Mario Pavlov

Abstract: When complexity is the problem, modularization is the solution. When modularization is
the problem, aspect-oriented programming is the solution. This article shows the viability of using
aspect-oriented programming to resolve the separation of cross-cutting concerns in large-scale
software projects. It analyzes why aspect-oriented programming is the best solution to
modularization in complex software projects.

Key words: aspect-oriented programming, aspect-oriented software development, modularization, modular software design, programming paradigms, software engineering, separation of concerns, cross-cutting concerns.

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