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Management and Manipulation of Knowledge in Automated Learning Systems

Ventzislav Nikolov, Stephan Filipov, Ivan Gospodinov

Abstract: The subject of this paper is the use of production systems for presentation and manipulation of knowledge with constant and variable structure in automated educational systems. A TOMt approach for construction of production rules is proposed. The non-excess and non-contradiction of the mles are studied. An algorithm for construction of correctly built system of production of knowledge of variable structure of the type <condition -> recommendation> is created. Relation tables are used as structures reflecting the facts of the subject learning domain, whereas a dynamic tree structure /graph/ is built for describing the semantics of the subject domain. The mechanism that governs the learning process is based on the production systems.

Keywords: relational databases, dynamic trees, production rules, production systems, software engineering, knowledge engineering

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A System for Informational Support of Small and Middle Enterprises

Ventzislav Nikolov, Stefan Panov, Dimitar Pilev

Abstract: The article dealt with the principles laid down in the supporting software for small and middle enterprises activities. Discussed are the principles of construction and interaction of key system modules for financial services, technology, material and warehousing, as well as a module to handle requests for materials and placed orders. Analyzed is the relationship between objects in the three areas subject to formalization followed by their presentation in the proposed system.

Keywords: Relational Databases, financial systems.

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