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Evaluation of the Routing Algorithms with Reduced Energy Consumption

Ile Dimitrievski, Valentin Molloy

Abstract: This paper presents an evaluation of a special routing algorithm with energy reduced consumption in comparison to one without any energy consumption optimization. We apply Noxim discrete event simulator specialized for simulation of Network on Chip (No C) architectures. Evaluation is made over a 7×7 2D mesh structure which is the most used model nowadays. Comparison between the popular state-of-the-art XY routing algorithm and DyAD one is given, as well. DyAD routing algorithm for NoC combines the advantages of both deterministic and adaptive routing algorithms. Calculations on the above algorithms are performed by means of the Noxim simulator with examples on 2D mesh topology.

Key words: Adaptive, deterministic, DyAD, Network on Chip, power consumption, random selection, routing algorithms, 2D mesh topology.

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