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A Brief Survey of Segmentation Techniques Applied in Kidney Ultrasound Images

Stephan Vassilev

Abstract: The paper briefly explains research, domain and application related to the techniques applied in Kidney Ultrasound images. The first two sections introduce the domain area (ultrasound images and kidney problems related to them), the specific targets and formulate the problem. The rest two sections highlight the technologies and algorithms applied up to now, compare them and provide observations from that comparison. The paper also outlines some of the problems that can occur in different phases of the ultrasound kidney images.

Key words: Kidney, Ultrasound images, medical images, segmentation, models, graph, edge

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GUI for Medical Image Processing on the Base of Morphological Operators

Veska Georgieva

Abstract: In the paper is presented software for morphological processing of medical images and its graphic user interface (GUI). It works in the MATLAB environment and uses IMAGE TOOLBOXES defined functions. Different morphological operators and types of structuring elements with different sizes can be used, regarding to process different medical modalities of the images. The software can realize repeatedly a nonlinear filtration, by using the same operation. The GUI proposes also an interactive option to choose the type of the morphological operation, the type of the structuring element and also its parameters. The proposed GUI can be applied to real medical images attempt to make diagnostic more precise. The presented GUI is suitable also to engineering education for studying of this processing.

Key words: Morphological operators, medical images, MATLAB environment, graphic user interface

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