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A Brief Survey of Segmentation Techniques Applied in Kidney Ultrasound Images

Stephan Vassilev

Abstract: The paper briefly explains research, domain and application related to the techniques applied in Kidney Ultrasound images. The first two sections introduce the domain area (ultrasound images and kidney problems related to them), the specific targets and formulate the problem. The rest two sections highlight the technologies and algorithms applied up to now, compare them and provide observations from that comparison. The paper also outlines some of the problems that can occur in different phases of the ultrasound kidney images.

Key words: Kidney, Ultrasound images, medical images, segmentation, models, graph, edge

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Design and Implementation of Graphs with C#

Mariana Goranova

Abstract:This paper proposes a programming framework for graph data structures and graph algorithms. .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) does not encapsulate graph data type. The goal of the paper is to find the most abstract formulation of graph algorithms and then implementing efficient representation of them. The new features of C#, such as generics, iterators, lambda expressions and query expressions simplify the overall programming model and enable its structure to be described and checked more accurately.

Key words: graph, adjacency list, iterator design pattern, CN, .NET Framework.

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