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A Model of Hybrid Ontology for Medical Information

Mariya Evtimova, Ivan Momtchev

Abstract: It is proposed a model of hybrid ontology that is case based, but is also suitable for big data as it is implemented rules. This ontology is divided into three parts- crisp part, fuzzy and probability part and big data part. Ontology use theory of the fuzzy sets with addition of probability logic for the realization of the fuzzy and probability part of the ontology. This hybrid ontology is suitable for vague and uncertain reasoning as it improve the quality of the returned results. Quality of the returned results is very important in the medical domain.

Key words: Big data, Case based reasoning, Fuzzy logic, Ontology, Probability logic

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Simplified Method for Complex Evaluation of Information Systems

Aleksandar Tsenov, Mario Ivanov

Abstract: In this work, a comprehensive method for complex evaluation of IT – systems, is proposed. The systems are characterizing through great amount of estimation indicators. These are dynamic systems, which require the usage of methods to evaluate the relationships between these indicators as well. The validation of the proposed method and proving its applicability where provided on two different systems — a CRM system for a social network and IT — project evaluation system.

Key words: Information Technology, multi criteria evaluation, fuzzy logic

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Fuzzy Expert System for Problem Analysis (FESPA)

While the knowledge is power, intelligence is the ability to effectively use that power. Earl D. Cox [1]

Plamen lvanov

Abstract: This paper introduces fuzzy expert system developed for problem analysis in the area of IT service management. Problem analysis is part of problem management one of the core ITIL processes. The presented content is part of patent application filed as international publication on 20 July 2012, PCT/US2012/047501, by Plamen lvanov and HEWLETT-PACKARD DEVELOPMENT COMPANY L.P., with title “PROBLEM ANALYSIS AND PRIORITY DETERMINATION BASED ON FUZZY EXPERT SYSTEMS”.

Keywords: problem analysis, problem management, fuzzy logic, fuzzy system, ITIL, IT service management

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CPLD Fuzzy Elastic Strain Probe Loading Controller

Yassen Gorbounov, Radoslav Rusinov, Constantin Pavlitov, Alexandar  Alexandrov,  Kliment Hadjov, Dimitar Dontchev

Abstract: The paper is focused on the application of Verilog Hardware Description  Language (HDL) for implementation of parallel processing algorithms in electromechanical systems. A dedicated fuzzy controller for a DC motor drive is considered that is implemented on the basis of Xilinx CoolRunner II Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD). The controller is the main part of an automated system for elastic strain loading of etalon probes. The application of a CPLD is determined by the necessity of independent parallel  running algorithms. These are the detection and correction algorithms of the high precision linear incremental quadrature optical encoder that is used in the position feedback loop, the speed measurement algorithm, the fuzzy controller and the output generation algorithm used to produce Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) sipna/s which directly control the motor power driver.

Key words: CPLD, Electromechanical Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Motor Control, Parallel Processing, Verilog HDL

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