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Networking – Algorithms and protocols for reliably communicating data across different shared or dedicated media, often including error correction.
Computer security – Practical aspects of securing computer systems and computer networks.
Cryptography – Applies results from complexity, probability, algebra and number theory to invent and break codes, and analyze the security of cryptographic protocols.

Virtualization Technologies for Education on Computer Networking and Research

Mitko Shopov

Abstract: The use of virtualized platforms is a cost effective and affordable solution. Virtualized environment offers high flexibility in laboratory experiment design as topology changes can be made by software changes. The high scalability and flexibility of virtual networking enables design of large scale, complex, and advanced networking experiments and laboratory exercises that would not be built otherwise using physical equipment. The paper presents the use of virtual networking technologies along with GNS3 tool in the education and research on computer networking in DSNET virtual laboratory, part of Technical University of Sofia, branch Plovdiv.
Key words: Computer Networking, GNS3, Qemu, Virtualization, VMWare

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