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Interconnecting Hosts and 6LoWPAN Nodes via Internet Using IPv4 and IPv6

Milen Todorov

Abstract: One of the expected advantages of 6LoWPAN is the interoperability of the network with all other IP network links (wired and wireless). In this paper are presented the solutions of the problems with transmitting of IPv6 packets with IEEE 802.15.4 packets with size up to 127 octets. With software products like Peryton-M4, Monitor and Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer is carried out network analysis of 6LoWPAN network, built with hardware by Dresden elektronik.

Key words: 6LoWPAN, Header compression, Network analyzing, Perryton, UDP, Wireshark.

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Adaptive Local Binarization of Text Documents with Backpropagation Neural Network

Ivo Draganov, Darko Brodie, Nikolay Neshov, Antoaneta Popova

Abstract: This paper describes an adaptive local thresholding algorithm for text documents based on the Gatos method which uses backpropagation neural network for fine tuning of the threshold. The algorithm is independent of the operator window size and combines the advantages of the Wiener filter preprocessing, the adaptive local threshold calculation and the integral images.

Key words: backpropagation neural network, binarization, text documents

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Analysis of New Concepts and Optimization Methods for the Detection and Selection of Access Networks

Raycho Dobrev

Abstract: The future wireless telecommunication environment closely is connected with heterogeneous scenario in which the mobile devices are able to connect to more than one access technologies. This requires a new architectural development for the network connectivity and new approaches. In this paper, it was made an analysis in which it was consider a novel functionalities introduced in the core network, methods and good practice. The paper describes and evaluates a set of architectural options for integrating the novel network and selection function in the 3GPP Evolved Packet Core which enables an operator to manage the connections of the mobility devices. Inter system handover is discussed briefly at the end of the paper.

Key words: Access network discovery and selection function; Heterogeneous networks; Evolved Packet Core; Inter system handover

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How to improve Wireless Router Performance with Open-Source Firmware

Hristofor Ivanov, Miroslav Galabov

Abstract: In this paper we present our work about the use of open source replacement firmware on a broadband router and wireless access point (TP-LINK TL-WR841ND). The hardware and software basis for these devices is described, as is the utility inherent in the use of open source licensing. The capabilities offered by DD-WRT firmware are described and compared to alternatives with emphasis on the networking security features. Possible uses are described and discussed, particularly in the creation of sophisticated, secure, broadband-attached, home networks with wireless access. Concluding remarks address the subject matter in the context of the development of modern technological trends and implications for the future.

Key words: Wireless Network, Open Source Firmware, Linux Routers

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A Comparative Wavelet Analysis and a Model of a Content – Based Indexing and Searching System in Biomedical Signal Databases

Miroslav Petrov

Abstract: One of the main approaches for quantitative analysis of medical data is to compare it with previous and / or similar data from clinical practice. The paper suggests a model system for content-based indexing and searching in a biomedical signal database on the basis of a spectral analysis, implemented through the discrete stationary wavelet-transform. For this purpose, a different set of wavelets has been examined at different decomposition levels and the corresponding comparative analysis has been carried out.

Key words: biomedical signals, isolated feature, local module maximum, wavelet

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Fuzzy Expert System for Problem Analysis (FESPA)

While the knowledge is power, intelligence is the ability to effectively use that power. Earl D. Cox [1]

Plamen lvanov

Abstract: This paper introduces fuzzy expert system developed for problem analysis in the area of IT service management. Problem analysis is part of problem management one of the core ITIL processes. The presented content is part of patent application filed as international publication on 20 July 2012, PCT/US2012/047501, by Plamen lvanov and HEWLETT-PACKARD DEVELOPMENT COMPANY L.P., with title “PROBLEM ANALYSIS AND PRIORITY DETERMINATION BASED ON FUZZY EXPERT SYSTEMS”.

Keywords: problem analysis, problem management, fuzzy logic, fuzzy system, ITIL, IT service management

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Conceptual ERP Model for Storing, Analyses, Recovering and Processing of Traffic Data

Ventzislav Nikolov

Abstract: The subject of this article is relations in the area of storing, analyses, recovering and processing data from vehicle counting stations. By the analyses are used methods of relational data base to define entities, relations between them, their type and cardinality. As a result is suggested an ERP-model underlying of data base for supporting traffic information. The article concerns also the topics of referential data base integrity.

Keywords: traffic data systems, database, statistic, trend estimation.

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Improving the Security of Hybrid Cryptographic Systems

Boncho Aleksandrov

Abstract: The paper presents various analyzed ways for improving the security of hybrid cryptographic methods. Options, such as: key manageable transposition of characters of each hybrid protected block of data, as well as adding new characters to the block, are presented and discussed here. These options are presented as two additional protective sheaths over each encrypted block of data. An analysis of the probability of a successful cryptanalytic attack on these sheaths is made, before going to illegal decryption of the hybrid protected data blocks incorrectly.

Key words: cryptographic protection, data security, cryptographic algorithms

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Sharing and Load Balancing Sharing in OS

Stefan Gurov

Abstract: The article discusses several strategies for load distribution in an OS / in which applications are running. Suggested strategies include load balancing, static, dynamic and adaptive strategies. Methods have been proposed for the distribution of information strategy rules, transfer and selective.

Key words: Load balancing strategies in OC

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Development of Compression Algorithms, Research and Analysis of their Performance in Heteroheneous Database

Ivan Stankov, Ognyan Nakov, Daniela Gotseva, Ivaylo Simeonov

Abstract: Development of algorithms for data compression. Study the performance of the developed algorithms and compared with popular compression algorithms. Graphical presentation of the survey results and summary analysis.

Key words: compression algorithms, comparison, databases

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